The Icarus Legacy
This is a story the likes of which our profession has never seen. It’s a powerful narrative that puts a modern spin on an ancient legend. As a whole, Russ’s content focuses on the art and science of prospecting. Icarus is a departure from that trend. The Icarus Legacy is most definitely about the team-building profession, but it’s less about specific skills and more about mindsets and values. It gets to the core of what our profession is really about. You’ll recognize some of the characters from Russ’s other books, but you’ll never guess what they’re gathered to celebrate.
This story will make you laugh, it’ll make you cry. It’ll give you goose bumps, and it’ll fire you up. It’s a story of overcoming adversity, of faith, and of well-deserved success.
This story can be your story.

The plot is divinely inspired and as such, the narrative is told from a spiritual perspective. You may or may not agree with the faith-based context of the story, but you won’t disagree with the lessons. Are you looking to build a legacy? Then check out how one leader built his. It’s all right here in a fast-moving plot. It’s called The Icarus Legacy.
This can be your legacy.

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