Sticks & Stones

This audio set removes the roadblocks, hang-ups and phobias that prevent you from prospecting to your full potential. Have you ever…

  • Hesitated to offer your opportunity due to fear or nervousness?
  • Had concerns that prospects will think you’re taking advantage of them?
  • Felt like you’re intruding when you bring up the subject of opportunity?
  • Procrastinated making follow-up calls?

The author used to struggle with all of these. The mechanism he used to overcome these (and others) is the basis of this one-of-a-kind program. Sticks & Stones will completely eradicate whatever fears and hang-ups you may have. This highly-effective audio is specifically designed to unleash the master prospector inside you. When used in conjunction with Prospecting Rules!, the results will astound you. This type of program—geared specifically for prospecting—is not available anywhere else.

Sticks & Stones completely eradicates fears and hang-ups related to prospecting. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our guarantee gives you complete peace-of-mind. So stop struggling—order today!


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