Lessons from the Ark

What Noah’s Passengers Taught Him About Prospecting

Critter Lessons Series, vol. 1


A modern spin on an ancient story and it’s positively jam-packed with powerful prospecting know-how!

This fun, fast-moving story gives you a peek into Noah’s personal journal. Learn what he saw during his time on the ark with all those crazy critters. Hint: it’s not what you may think! That year-long, weather-tossed boat ride taught Noah all kinds of things about human interaction. And every single thing he learned applies directly to your prospecting efforts.

In all, he learned 40 different lessons. Some of them are hilarious and one is sad, but all are fresh, and spot-on. The imagery is strong and the lessons are profound. Every reader has their favorites; the author’s: giraffe, monkey, sloth, and koala. Which will be yours?

128 pages


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At the age of 26, the Network-Marketing profession came into my life and it’s been an incredible blessing ever since. A quarter-century later, the profession is virtually a part of who I am. In my world-travels as a speaker, I have pretty much seen, heard and done it all. At this point, discovering something new and unique in the industry is just about impossible.

But a couple of weeks ago, the impossible happened.

That was the day Russ McNeil called and asked if I would consider writing a foreword for his new book. I was flattered and honored that he asked because he is quite a writer and Network-Marketer in his own right. Russ shared with me the concept behind Lessons from the Ark. I loved the idea and said that I would be willing to review it. When I asked how he was able to balance the “Bible stuff” with his prospecting teachings, he said, “The easiest way to understand is to read it.”

I received the manuscript. I read it. It blew my mind.

Russ has taken one of the oldest stories in the world, and given it a completely new perspective by relating it to our industry. And he’s done it brilliantly. Lessons is balanced perfectly. It’s not “preachy” at all. It merely uses a Biblical story as a backdrop for sharing powerful truths about prospecting. AND IT WORKS. It doesn’t matter whether you believe the Bible or not. Using the animals on the ark as illustrations for prospecting skills is priceless! It’s so ingenious, and so much fun that it’s obvious (to me anyway) that the book was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

It’s fascinating to see how the various traits of different animals align with important truths about prospecting. Some are traits to emulate, and others are traits to avoid, but each one is outlined with real-world advice and tactics that you can use today to build your business.

I enjoyed all the animals, but my favorites are Lion, Eagle and Chimpanzee. They’re brilliant, they’re funny and every one of them lands right on the bull’s-eye. Russ packed so many valuable insights into this book, that you’ll need a highlighter and a journal when you read it because you will take notes—and lots of them. Russ McNeil has delivered a golden gem to our profession and I’ll say it now: I believe this book is REQUIRED reading for all Network-Marketers— NO exceptions. It is that good of a prospecting work. It will bless you again and again with revelations about prospecting that you may never have considered. It certainly blessed and taught me a lot. As I read it, I felt like I was back in school learning an exciting new course—it’s really that good.

This book is amazing, and I know it will help your business tremendously. Tell all your people to study this book. Then reinforce it with “APC”s—Ark Prospecting Classes—webinars that delve into the content with your teams and leaders. They’ll love you for it and their businesses will explode.

One final thing: Being a Christian, I am glad to see that Russ is open with his faith as well. Nevertheless, it does not matter what your personal beliefs are. The information inside will transform your business.

Congratulations for buying this book. Now, read it. Then read it again. Then repeat with your team.

And watch out for those monkeys!




Lessons from the Ark will change your life. Read and apply the wisdom in this book to build powerful connections and relationships. Learn how to connect with people who can elevate your life and your business to extraordinary levels. This book takes Noah’s experiences on the Ark and uses them to explain some of life’s greatest lessons on communication. And it does it in a way that will entertain you as Russ explains the similarities between the animal world and human behaviors. This one is a game-changer!

Troy Rocavert
Troy Rocavert

Prospecting matters, and If you want to learn how to find new customers, Lessons from the Ark is a must read. It's a witty and informative look at the attitudes you need to be a business all-star. You can stop your frantic networking and start learning dozens of ways to attract your ideal customer. What are you waiting for? Read it already.

Dan Waldschmidt
Dan Waldschmidt

... If you want to grow in the area of prospecting, Lessons from the Ark is a must read. It’s a brilliant idea full of insights and practical principles. It's also easy reading and would make great gifts for your team members. ...

Dr. Stan Harris
Dr. Stan Harris

Russ McNeil does a masterful job of sharing the wisdom of God as revealed in the creation, and applying them powerfully and practically to everyday living, especially for those of us in the business of sales and / or network marketing. Russ addresses things like prospecting and networking in refreshing ways, showing how the character of God is revealed in His manifold creation, and that by studying God's character, we learn his ways. Whether walking confident as a lion, standing your ground like a rhino or simply the lesson of the duck that literally changed Russ's life, you will be nourished, encouraged and greatly helped by following the ways God built into His creation. When we apply His ways to our business and personal lives, success is inevitable! This is a must read for anyone in sales or network marketing, especially if you are not seeing the results you had hoped for when you first began.

Michael Q. Pink
Michael Q. Pink

Reader Comments

  1. Robin D., CA

    I just read “Lessons from the Ark”, and I did it in less than a week! The thing is, I’m not crazy about reading, but the Ark captured me; I was there! I am pretty much new to Network marketing and I needed a book to help me see others and not just myself; just being honest!

    My favorite Critters in the book (though that could change in 6 months, when you read it, you’ll see why): Dog, Sloth, Owl… and the one I especially want to grow up to be like: the Giraffe!

    The dog. Wow, I need so much more of her/him in my life. The Sloth I can’t relate yet, but I will. And oh my goodness the owl. Talk about hit me where I live! But the Giraffe… I just had NO IDEA. Now I understand much more how to look for others to join my team.

    This book is so enlightening with the Critters that I actually visualize them, which means I remember them!!! YAY!!! I would say get this for the newbies on your team, or at least point them where to get their own copy. Don’t short-change yourself. Russ has captured the Prospecting Process in a wonderful way. You too will love the special way he tells the “critter lessons.” Each of the critters, in their own special way, will help you to help others.

    A highly recommended read.

  2. Tyler, O.

    Lessons from the Ark is the newest member of my “Go To Books” for smooth sailing in prospecting waters. I’m glad I didn’t miss the boat on this one!

    The story line and lessons that I learned and are continuing to study have already streamlined this awesome voyage toward increased influence and enjoyable success journey. I will be reflecting and referencing this book for years to come!

    Each Critter Lesson is profound and simple. I like simple. Simply understandable profundity that provides clarity to so many relationship building/preserving interactions. The book is WAY more readable than my previous sentence. 😉

    My highlighters almost went on strike for bein’ over worked. The highlighters were howlin’ Coyote’s I tell ya. Howlin’ Coyote’s! Ark is SUPERB! (Reading the book will add even more clarity to using “Coyote’s” in this statement. Did I mention this book is FUN to read!)

    EVERY Critter Lesson in this book received a good highlightin’. It’s only fitting to have Ark covered in rainbows.

  3. A. Kruck, FL

    Climb aboard!

    You’ll want to board this Ark! This book is amazing… the creativity involved, the lessons learned. Russ McNeil takes you on an awesome adventure in prospecting, complete with all your furry and feathered friends. Lessons from the Ark makes learning about prospecting so enjoyable that you’ll glide right through the pages learning valuable prospecting lessons along the way. The imagery leaves an indelible mark in your brain ensuring they are lessons you’ll remember when you find yourself face to face with a prospect – or the possibility of one. I loved learning how to “not let the moment pass” – that moment when you could make a new friend versus simply passing by someone. Specific animal behaviors on the ark teach modern day prospecting skills we can all use. This book equips you so well with useful and complete prospecting knowledge, that by the time you finish it you’ll have the confidence to say, “I can do this!”. A few of my favorite animals… meerkat, cheetah, rhinoceros, squirrel, bear… the parakeet is an awesome lesson, I just wish I didn’t find out about that particular behavior… though, my gosh, I’ll NEVER forget that one in front of a prospect! This book and Prospecting Rules! also by Russ McNeil have to be the 2 most important books in my profession I have ever read.

  4. Sanjeev, K.

    Discovery Channel? No just another phenomenal piece of work by RussMcNeil

    The Lessons from the Ark is an amazing piece of art that Russ has written. Knowing a little bit about the story of the Ark from the Bible prior to reading the book also gave me context around the lessons. One of my favourite things about the book was the way that Russ had connected the different unique differences or behaviours of these animals to the techinques and mindset/attitude required to be a professional prospector. Obviously I had expected a few things to be overlapping from Prospecting Rules; however, to my surprise, I found a lot more than I thought I would. I am a big fan of analogies and being able to use this book as a way to teach other people as well makes it not only informative but humorous as well. Some of the ones that hit me pretty good on the top of my head were the monkey, giraffe, and the duck. You’ll have to read it to know what I mean 🙂

    If you are looking for an entertaining, informative read, you’ll have to add this one to your shelf. It is really an extraordinary work of art and one for both individual learning and to pass on to your team.

  5. Ben, B.

    Fun and Full of Wisdom for Prospecting!!

    Russ does an excellent job, through his books, on teaching network marketers how to meet people and prospect them for any opportunity. I enjoyed Lessons from the Ark very much and how Russ uses animals, their natural characteristics and relates them to prospecting principles. Every animal in this book provided me with great mental pictures when I’m out in the field and prospecting potential business partners. Every lesson is is packed with wisdom. Personally, the Lessons from the Giraffe, The Rhino, and the Lion were my favorites but each and every animal will add valuable ideas for all of those in the profession of sales and network marketing. Lessons from the Ark, I believe is a must read!

  6. MRP

    A fun, informative read

    I read Russ’ two books, Prospecting Rules! and The Most Expensive Cookies in the World, and found them to be incredibly helpful. So I felt compelled to get this one. And it doesn’t disappoint. Russ is able to educate, entertain, and enlighten you, which isn’t easy to do. Using the animals on Noah’s ark, you learn the dos and don’ts of prospecting. I especially like the focus on behaviors and characteristics, so you’re learning who you need to be in order to be successful at network marketing. Like all Russ’ books, one to read again and again.

  7. Rick F., TX

    Lessons from the Ark What Noah’s Passengers … Prospecting

    Thanks Russ, I wish I had this book ten years ago. No matter what kind of sales you are in the lessons in this book help set you up for great success. As I read this book I tried to visualize each “passenger” that was discussed, this was greatly helped by Russ McNeil’s writing. I feel like I could read this book in consecutive weeks and come back with a different point of view and different things to work on in myself each time. This is definitely a “growth” book, as you grow this book will grow with you. This book, to me, is all about the mindset. Great companion to “Prospecting Rules”.

  8. Emmanuel M.


    Russ McNeil has once again articulated his powerful message of PROSPECTING to the networking FAMILY! His messages is proven to be valuable to those who are open to take a further look at the opportunity of building a successful career in Network Marketing.
    Russ provides clear direction and makes the concepts easy to relate to and most importantly, easy to TAKE ACTION ON!

    This is the Book of the Year for those that are determined to do what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing!!!

  9. Tyler

    Lessons In Prospecting

    I loved this book! Russ uses the natural characteristics of the animals on the ark to explain in a fun and entertaining way the skills needed in prospecting. I learned a lot! Combine this with Prospecting Rules! and watch your business explode.

    Wonderfully practical read
    This book was a BLAST to read. The principles that the animals teach us (from Russ’ perspective and from Noah’s…) are concise but powerful. Game-changing principles that could each have books of their own, are power-packed into each of the 40 animal lessons, making the book one I’ll refer to often (both personally and for my team’s sake.) I can’t wait for the NEXT book in the series!

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