Lessons from the Zoo

A Zookeeper’s Perspectives on Prospecting

Critter Lessons Series, vol. 2


This is the story of a modern-day zookeeper whose home-based business is growing like crazy. In fact, his lucrative opportunity combined with his expertise at prospecting, are making it possible for him to retire early. When it comes to prospecting, this guy is an artist. Furthermore, he loves to teach what he knows. Through the story in this book, he becomes your mentor.

Zoo is based on a fast-moving plot that looks back to Lessons from the Ark, and forward to Sea and Sky. It’s a clever story that’s positively loaded with more powerful prospecting lessons—many of them not taught anywhere else. For example, the tamandua shares something you can do anywhere that prospects just can’t resist. Then there’s the panda whose lesson takes away the burden of pressure that team-builders sometimes feel. And don’t forget the aye-aye who teaches a pattern of prospecting which always creates the appropriate results, even when the answer is “no.”

In all, this book contains over 40 critters that will engage you, entertain you, and enlighten you in the art and science of prospecting. If you want to gain real insights that make a real difference in the real world when you’re dealing with real people, this book delivers!

160 pages


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Every time I read one of Russ’s books, I learn something new. The words and concepts in his work empower readers in way that is perfect for learning powerful principles. The way he approaches the theme of prospecting in his books is positively brilliant. The book you are holding is about, of all things, a zoo. Come on now—you and I both know that the idea of a zoo doesn’t exactly make us think of business.

Or so I thought.

From the very beginning of Lessons from the Zoo I began laughing. It was such a brilliant twist to what I thought it was going to be about. I learned secret after secret to prospecting success, and I learned them in an unexpected way. I discovered Cadillacs and Rhinos, Enchiladas and Elephants, Miracles and Meerkats, kangaroos, opossums, bullfrogs and even exotic animals like the tamandua and the howler monkey, and the list goes on.

I know…you’re probably thinking to yourself What? But when you start reading it and devouring it’s amazing success secrets for network marketing, you’ll find yourself looking for paper and pen so you can write down what you learn. Lessons from the Zoo will get your mind so focused on golden nuggets that you might actually hear the geese honking, the elephants trumpeting, and the lions roaring as they each, in their own special way, encourage you on to greater Success.

My prediction is this: if you read this book, and follow through by DOING what it says to do, you will double your business within a year. Plain and simple.

My advice is this: offer “tours” of this particular zoo. Take your team on a Great Success Safari to Russ’s zoo by giving them copies of this book. It will not only enhance and accelerate their ability to Succeed, but also their ability to look at this business from a fresh and unique perspective. The prospecting principles alone in this book make the tour invaluable!

And don’t stop with Zoo. Every volume in the Critter Lessons series (Lessons from the Ark, Lessons from the Sea, and Lessons from the Sky) is jam-packed with powerful prospecting know-how.

Get this book. Read this book. Devour this book. And watch your business transform from an endangered species, into a wild beast, thriving and running free just as it was meant to (while it keeps you running straight to the bank every single week).



Reader Comments

  1. T.O., Colorado

    I had the humbling privilege of reading an advance copy of this book. WOW. I was almost in tears (of excitement/joy/anticipation about MY future) in the first chapter. The story is completely engrossing; I had a hard time putting this one down (You know, for bed, at 2AM?)… I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see/feel/hear (experience) this book. As the story unfolds, you learn some very valuable prospecting lessons from each of several animals in the zoo. The writing style that Russ uses does a one-up on “step by step”. Through parable, these timeless principles will come to life, both in conscious expression (as you change your habits to become a better prospector) but also on an unconscious level, where it really counts when you’re out talking to people. I heard a little bird (err.. fish?) say that if you like this book, you’ll love the next in the series, “Lessons from the Sea: ‘Priceless Pearls for Tidal Waves of Prospects'”. Thanks for being a willing participant to what God is doing through you Russ.

  2. Angela. K., FL

    I had the privilege of getting my paws (no pun intended – okay maybe) on an advanced copy of this book. How does Russ McNeil do it? This book was awesome – it really has 3 facets to it – (1) an entertaining AND INSPIRING story about a zookeeper, (2) amazing and jaw-dropping insights to the animal world (you’ll find many favorites), and (3) most importantly for ME *how to take my business to the next level*. All in an easy-to-read format. You’ll ENJOY every minute of this book. Step-by-step/animal-by-animal how to get the most out of your prospecting efforts. I really needed this!!! Maybe I should not have written this review off the advance copy, I hate that you’ll have to wait , but I couldn’t contain myself… It’s THAT good…

  3. Mike O., Michigan

    I gained a lot from reading Lessons from the Zoo, but if I had to pick just one thing, it would be Confidence. And as a new rep scratching my head wondering how to make a positive impact on other people, confidence is precisely what I needed. The knowledge that I gained from this book has helped me to diminish the fear of situational prospecting—a fear that plagues many of us. Knowing the author came into our profession with the same fears and ignorance allows me to sigh in relief. Clearly, Russ overcame his challenges, and now, I know I can too.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the adventurous and light-hearted nature of the lessons. And while the story and the animals made for a fun read, the information and advice are powerful. Some of the lessons were so applicable they literally turned my prospecting game around overnight. If you are looking for the launch pad book to help you get over your fears, or even if you’re a seasoned prospector looking for insight from one of the industry’s finest teachers, this is your series.

  4. Mike A., MI

    Russ, I thoroughly enjoyed reading an advance copy of this book. What I liked the most about this book is that reading it gave me a massive dose of self-confidence, more confidence in going out there and making situational prospecting as seamless and as stress-free as possible. I was somewhat skeptical going into this book, thinking of the abundance of information in your other prospecting books, I said to myself, “Well, how much more tangible new information can there be?” I would like to announce that I was thoroughly and pleasantly surprised. If the other books in your critters series teach the same level of unique and valuable lessons as Zoo, I can’t wait to read them too.

  5. Robin D.

    Lessons from the Zoo opened my heart and mind to a whole new world, a world, which expresses itself by revealing divine creation.

    I’m not a super-fast reader, nevertheless, Zoo is written in way that makes the content leap off the pages.
    I enjoyed learning about God’s creatures, many of which I had never heard of. Learning about the amazing designs God built into them was both enjoyable and heartwarming. His personal touch in the lives of His creatures revealed Him to me in an awe-inspiring way. The creativity of the book will captivate you critter after critter as you too read about the various animals and how they engage their world, enjoy their existence, and each, in their own way, reflect glory to their Creator.

    And then—as if out of nowhere—these very same critters become your mentors regarding the most crucial skill in Network-Marketing: prospecting! (Or as the author refers to it: “human connection skills.”) I’m in awe of the way Russ transforms the animals into interesting, enjoyable, and valuable lessons about prospecting for my business. The vivid imagery makes the content easy to learn and easy to remember.

    I take away many things from this book, but above all, I take away this: we have a big, Big God, and no matter how Big I think He is, He is BIGGER still. He is my Wow!

    Thank you, Russ, for using your gifts. God has used your writings to encourage me, to inspire me, and to bring me to my knees in prayer.

    Heavenly Father, use me, your servant, to bring Glory to your name. In Jesus name I pray.

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