Lessons from the Giraffe

Team-building Wisdom from the Wild Kingdom

Species Spotlight #1


This book draws lessons from that gorgeous “tall blonde”* of the African savanna. Inside are over a dozen principles and concepts that will save you time and make you money. This spotlight edition is somewhat different from the other spotlights. Giraffe shares personal experiences straight out of the author’s personal journal.

You want to see Network-Marketing and prospecting as it played out early in Russ’s career? It wasn’t pretty, but if want to know what it was like, this is your book. Some of the experiences are positive, some are awkward, and a few are downright unpleasant, but they all represent powerful learning experiences. And now you can benefit from the same experiences—without the pain and frustration endured by the author.

It doesn’t get any more real than Lessons from the Giraffe.

108 pages

*From Tall Blondes by Lynn Sherr

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Reader Comments

  1. Tyler O., CO

    This is only a mini-volume? This book is like buying a neat decoration from an estate sale and finding thousands of dollars tucked away inside.  The power-packed lessons contained herein are practical and very helpful in building a great team. There’s soooo much information in here that you’ll be able to apply immediately, and that you’ll refer back to the rest of your team-building career.  Russ promises that you’ll never look at giraffes the same way again.  I’ll agree, and add another promise: If you’ll take the lessons to heart and apply them, you and your team will never be the same either.  Buy it. Read it.  Digest it.  Eat it (I mean read it) again. 

  2. Robin, California

    Lessons from the Giraffe is a wonderful compliment to the other titles in the Critter Lessons Series. Much of the book is like reading the author’s personal networking journal. Through the author’s experiences, I gained valuable new perspectives on the nature of my own networking efforts.
    Giraffe is full of fascinating facts about the animal that make outstanding illustrations for team-builders. I learned how the giraffe’s walk relates to achieving my dreams. I learned how the giraffe’s vision relates to my future in the business. I learned the recipe for balancing activity and rest and finding peace with getting out of my comfort zone. One of the most vivid illustrations from the giraffe has to do with the nature of my prospects. Wow, what an eye-opener! My favorite lesson in this book has to do with the heart of the giraffe (it’s actually multiple lessons rolled into one—very impactful). This one lesson, all by itself, made the entire book worthwhile.
    Overall, Lessons from the Giraffe is a fun, creative read. It’s not just fun though. The lessons it presents are powerful and will forever change the way you perceive your networking business. If you are building a networking business, I highly recommend this book. It’s “spot on” (if you know what I mean).  
    I’m already looking forward to the next critter lesson book (and this from someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy reading).

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