Lessons from the Sky

Soar to New Heights of Prospecting

Critter Lesson Series, vol. 4


This book concludes the Critter Lesson Series.

The main character, Steve, is a close friend of our heroes in the other volumes. Lessons from the Sky picks up right where Sea leaves off so the plot continues without missing a beat. If you’ve read the other volumes, you already know where the story is headed. You’ll never guess how it ends though! And you don’t know the lessons it shares. Not yet that is.

Steve is our resident ornithologist, which is why his nickname is “bird man.” Steve really knows his stuff too. Of all the animal kingdom, the birds represent the most numerous and most profound prospecting lessons of all.

For example, what should you say when you leave voice mails, and how do you know when to leave a message? The common cuckoo has the answers. Do you find family members unsupportive, or worse, do they give you hard time? The Nicobar pigeon offers a refreshing perspective. Are you insulting your prospects without realizing it? How can you know? Look no further than the secretary bird.

All together our fine, feathered friends provide over 40 prospecting lessons that will transform you into a master prospector.

Besides, you have to know how the story ends, don’t you?

Well . . . don’t you?

160 pages


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So here I am writing the foreword for the conclusion of Russ’s Critter Lessons Series. In the foreword to the previous book, I said I don’t how he keeps writing such creative content for the team building profession. I have to admit I was curious as to whether this book, Lessons from the Sky, would meet the same standard as Ark, Zoo, and Sea. Perhaps you’re wondering the same thing. If so, wonder no more.

The lessons inside are even more potent and profound than those of the other books, and yet, they’re completely fresh. When you combine the lessons in this book with the previous critter lessons, you have over 160 hard-hitting, eye-opening, business-transforming concepts about one of the most misunderstood and challenging aspects of our profession—prospecting.

Make no mistake, my friend. If you want to build a large team, you’re going to have to learn how to prospect, how to create meaningful human connections. Prospecting—connecting, if you will—is the life-blood of our business. Master the skill of connecting, and the sky is your limit.

Prospecting is an abstract concept, which explains why it’s such a struggle for so many people. I know this from my expertise as a professional trainer, and from extensive experience building my own teams. Most training on the subject of prospecting overlooks two key aspects of the skill: mindsets and signals. Master prospectors take both into account. Master prospectors cultivate the proper mindsets, and they remain ever aware of the signals—both verbal and nonverbal—which they broadcast to their prospects. Top producers do these things, but very few people know how to do and teach them. That’s one of the things I appreciate about Russ’s content.

Russ does a marvelous job explaining the mindsets crucial to effective prospecting. He also imparts vital information about signaling—the unspoken hints you broadcast to your prospects, most likely without even realizing it. Adopt a flawed mindset, or send contradictory signals, and your prospects are more likely to fly the coop than they are to join your flock.

Mindsets and signals are important, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring subjects or difficult to understand. Russ uses animals to illustrate key concepts. The genius of this approach is it keeps the subject entertaining and it keeps the reader engaged. Furthermore, the resulting mental images are so vivid and so powerful you’ll find yourself internalizing the lessons automatically. The Critter Lessons Series is learning at its best.

Inside you’ll learn key mindsets from the Andean condor and the European bee-eater. The secretary bird and common swift both share wisdom regarding particularly important signals. And you say you’d like to know how to carry a conversation when you don’t know what to say? Then check out the superb lyrebird. Want to know specific words, which endear the prospect to you by making you more relatable? Look no further than the ringed plover. And these are merely starters. Get ready to take notes. You might even want to start a new journal—just to make sure you have enough space.

I have to admit before reading Lessons from the Sky, I never really paid much attention to birds. Now, having read it, I’ll never look at birds the same way again. The next time I see one, I’ll probably find myself looking for the lesson. That’s a testament to the entire Critter Lessons Series. Not only does the series convey profound insights regarding team building, it also imparts a richer understanding about the nature of creation. Russ says the series is inspired by the CREATOR HIMSELF. In my opinion, it would have to be.

The subtitle of this book is Soar to New Heights of Prospecting. I think that pretty much sums it up. Read on, my friend. Then apply. Then you can quit flapping and start soaring. No need for the sky to be your limit.

In the words of my beloved friend, Zig: See you at the top.



Reader Comments

  1. Robin D.

    I am in awe of God’s creation. I’m amazed to learn how every living creation has its own purpose and contribution to the world!

    I am in awe of God, the way He wired His feathered creations; how he placed in each of their
    hearts the care for their own young.

    I am in awe of God, more than I have ever been. My mind and heart ponder Him more often. I have
    decreased, and He has expanded in my core being.

    I am in awe, to learn how our Creator cares so
    deeply for his creation. And sooooooooo many variations of critters! My idea of God was so inadequate.

    But not anymore!

    No wonder I love this industry: I love to create something from nothing too! Sky taught me to prospect with more respect for others.
    I no longer go after them for my gain. I listen, care for, and appreciate each team member. My desire is to use my business to bless them. I can already see the difference in my business. Yay!

    There are just a few of the things I learned from this wonderful book. I can hardly wait to see what’s in the next volume!

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