More Critters, More Lessons

More Great Prospecting Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

Critter Lessons Series, vol. 5


When I researched the animal kingdom for the Critter Lesson Series, I discovered too much information to fit in the other four volumes. I included the lessons that fit the story best, but it wasn’t easy leaving out the others. Enter volume 5, More Critters, More Lessons. This volume includes the best of the lessons that got omitted from the first four volumes.

More Critters, More Lessons is not for sale. You can’t get a copy by paying for it. You get it by redeeming coupons found in the other four volumes (Ark, Zoo, Sea, Sky). Or . . . get it automatically as part of this special value package.

Do not be fooled by the exorbitant price of 0.00. The lessons in this book are among the most profound in the entire series. You’ll won’t believe you got it for free.

Learn how the coupons work here. Look for a link to “Coupon redemption.”

176 pages



What a fun read! If you‘re in sales, recruiting, marketing or the like, you will benefit from the insights these “critters” share with you. The lessons inside provide you the confidence to initiate contact with various types of personalities in various types of environments. If you’re seeking a new approach in connecting with prospective customers, look no found it. These unique strategies and tactics will help you build your business!

Bryan Flanagan
Bryan Flanagan
VP of Sales and Training Ziglar, Inc

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