Even More Lessons from the Parrot

Irresistible Language: Advanced Human Connection Strategies for MLM, Business, and Life in General

Species Spotlight #4


The stuff in this book will rock your world.

This is not a statement I make lightly.

I’ve been studying the art & science of human connection for years. Indeed, it’s a subject for which I have a genuine passion. It is my calling to impart this know-how to others. (Judging from reader feedback, the critters are hitting the mark.)

And then I came across some material I’d never seen before. Mind-blowing stuff. So . . .

I combined the new material with some advanced techniques with which I was already familiar, and the result is this book.

This content is a collection of compelling tactics that will absolutely elevate you, your relationships, and your life to levels that may very well surprise you.

Some of the concepts herein are basic. You can employ them with little or no practice. Others are more advanced and require more practice to use to their full effect. Here’s the thing: you don’t have to master all of them. You can use any of them independent of the others. This means you can learn and practice at your own pace.

This, my friend, is persuasion in its finest form. With this volume, the parrots have really outdone themselves. The feathered jewels are about to share content that is going to rock your world.

Please use it responsibly.

In Development!

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