Parrots Galore!

Special value!

Human connection skills like you’ve never experienced before!
You’re not going believe what the parrots have to teach us about prospecting, sales, and forging meaningful connections with others.
  • How to improve your results merely by substituting a few words
  • How to get people to answer your texts, emails, and voicemails
  • What to do when it seems like everyone is succeeding but you
  • Social media prospecting vs. face-to-face prospecting—how are they different, and more importantly, how are they the same?
  • “Super-empathy” and how to use it to get your way without manipulation
  • How to build deep rapport quickly, so others will accept your message
  • Overcoming your fears and hesitance fast and permanently
  • How to qualify and disqualify prospects quickly, accurately, and respectfully
  • Plus, much, much more.
All this explained through a collection of fun, creative stories. Some are based on actual accounts, some are not, but all of them will engage you, enlighten you, and entertain you to team-building success.
This package includes all three parrot-based spotlights (Species Spotlights 2, 3, & 4), plus two bonuses:


Bonus #1

A complimentary copy of Bonus Lessons from the Parrot. (This is not available for individual purchase.) That’s 4 books for the price of 3!


Bonus #2

Shipping discount; We ship all four titles for the cost of shipping a single title.
The package is valued at $87.99 (79.96 in books alone).
Now only $63.99 (shipping included). (Additional postage for Canada.)

Was$87.99 Now$63.99

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