Bonus Lessons from the Parrot

Crazy Good Lessons that Just Wouldn’t Fit in the Other Volumes

Species Spotlight #4.5


This book is the final parrot volume, and it is jam-packed with super valuable info and know-how. Furthermore, the stuff inside is unique. Not only is this content not available in my other books, some of it is not available anywhere else. Check out the back cover for a few examples.

Bonus Lessons from the Parrot is not for sale. You can’t get a copy by paying for it. You get it by redeeming coupons found in the other three parrot volumes (Species Spotlights #2, #3, and #4). Or . . . get it automatically as part of this special value package.

Do not be fooled by the outrageous price of $0.00. The lessons in this book are among the most profound in the entire series. You won’t believe you got this one for free.

Learn how the coupons work here. Look for a link to “Coupon redemption.”

160 pages

Coming soon! (on hold until Spotlight #4 is complete)


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